Voxer - Brand Design

Redesign process of the new Voxer identity was based on the recent company's decision to shift it's focus into more enterprise and business environment. The goal was to deliver a brand which will represent modern technology based on the live audio messaging communication.

Old voxer logo

Evaluation and setting a goal for new brand

Early concepting

One of the concepts: "bubble idea"

"bubbble idea" more developed

Another of the concepts using modern sans-serif italic treatment

iOS design explorations

"digital broadcast" concept idea

Final iOS icon selections

Typeface explorations

New voxer brand

Further developments related to brand


The final new Voxer brand delivers the message modern technology company providing live audio messaging tool. We kept and refreshed the orange feel of the logo as well as polished and swapped walkie character for more "device" like shape representing "live audio" action. Working on this redesign was enjoyable experience.